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Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

My name is Sara González,  I am a multidisciplinary artist,

born in Madrid, Spain in 1997.

I am mainly focusing on miniature sculpting and painting. Although I had the opportunity to work on the videogame industry when I started my career, it is in miniature and collectibles sculpture where I find the greatest satisfaction.

In 2020 I got a Degree on  3D Animation, Videogames and Interactive Environments. I have a background in painting, which I have practiced since I was a child, but I got really serious about it around 2012, using different mediums such as graphite pencils, colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics, sanguine creta, charcoal, pastels and digital drawing.

I adapt easily to diferent projects and seek to learn any skills I need to thrive, as well as learning from my team mates. I always like to join projects with other colleagues, or attend different courses and workshops to learn and continue improving.

I had the pleasure to learn from Ángel Molina, Hugo Gómez, Benito Sevilla, Ricardo Garijo, Marc Masclans, Sergio Vilches, Aythami Alonso, Rubén Martinez, Miguel Matías, among others.


  Full time working at Big Child Creatives: May 2021 - Present

  • Big Child Creatives: 75mm figure Captain Ju 

  • Big Child Creatives: Busts figures Captain Ju, Kat, Ava, Z3r0, Q-ki3... 

  • CMON & Marvel: Marvel United: Multiverse

  • CMON & Two Little Mice: Household

  • CMON & Marvel: A Zombicide Game: Marvel Zombies

  • Big Child Creatives & La Boite de Jeu: Malhya, Lands of Legends

  • Big Child Creatives & Redzen Games: Scarface 1920

  • CMON & DC: A zombicide Game: DCeased

  • CMON & Paul Bonner: The Dead Keep

Freelance working for Gammera Nest: October 2020 - July 2021 

  • MalnaZidos: Videogame for PlayStation. Sculpture, retopology,

        UVs and textures. 

  • Way Down: Videogame for PlayStation. Texturing.


  • Sculpture Judge at Freak Wars Madrid 2023

  • Sculpting Master - Gold medal at MPO 2023 hold by Cult of Paint with "Hazel's carving".

  • Painting Standard - Gold medal winner at Model Show 23 with "Mucha: The Arts - Music" figure from Ouroboros Miniatures.

  • Painting Standard - Silver medal winner at  World Model Expo 2022 with "The Child" baby Yoda free STL figure.

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